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Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

And he cried for his son the earth, and opened his gates and flooded his son the earth. The cleaning was released. Have no fear as the sun will shine again upon his son, earth. The flowers will bloom and the air will feel fresh and clean. Let the Healing of all things begin. As it should be.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Want to know how to kick start your morning? Well this is way I start my day. I grab a cup of coffee and head outside. I always thank father God and Mother Earth for this heavenly day. Then I look around, and listen to the sounds of nature. Birds singing, the neighbors cows mooing, the rooster crowing in the distance. I then do about 10 minutes of gentle stretching. Nothing hard, I certainly am not a yoga master, or exercise guru. But the point is to get the body moving. As we get older, this is especially important . I also take a few minutes to do what I call play with the energy. I do slow movements, of pushing the energy out, then bring it back in to me. Then stretch the energy, pulling it, pushing it. This really helps fill you up for the day. Then I thank Spirit and pray to carry me through this day of positive energy, and living.

I am always interested in how you start your day. Let me know.

Angel Hugs

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

We need to stop and see the Beauty on this Heavenly Earth we live on. All we hear, see and view is the negative. The horrors of war, death, cruelty, and all the discord we see in the world. However, stop and look at all the creations this earth has provided for us. The love and Beauty, that surrounds us, from the Oceans, to the Mountain’s. Look at the happiness on People’s Faces. Look into the eyes of Children playing. Look at the lush Roses, and flowers in your life. We all have Beauty in this Life. Beauty does not come from money, it comes from the eyes and the way we choose to view the world.

On a day when you all you see is the ugliness, go for a walk and look, and truly see the all the Beauty that surrounds us on this Heavenly Earth, that was created for our own enjoyment. Let this Beauty fill you up and breathe it in.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Here is what I have been receiving recently. We as humans believe that God, or Spirit punishes us, for the sins we have commented. Or for the sins of our fathers. This has never resonated very well with me. So my question has been; why would such a loving entity in our lives punish us. We are who we are, and we are here to have different experiences in life. Well what I have come to learn is that Spirit does not believe in punishing us, that we actually have had it ingrained into us through the teachings of other humans that we are to be punished, sicken, and have so much loathing and guilt held within us. In The depth of our souls. So in reality of all universal things, we are actually punishing ourselves. We make ourselves sick so much of the time. We have not listened to our bodies, minds, and the truth from God or Spirit.

Humans are the only species on this earth that have torn away the soil, the water, and contaminated the air and the foods we put into our bodies. Humans create war over religion, race, creed, and color. We are really only thinking we are superior to those we fight. Their is so much the human race has to learn. Though Love, the Angels and getting in touch with the divine within us all we can overcome our punishing of ourselves. We can overcome hunger and yearning for more, learning and knowing that life can be great. We can find peace within.

The Privilege of Nature

The Ozark Mountains is my home, my roots. I have the privilege of living on my native american ancestral land. Yes, I love the land and nature and all that it contains for me.

I just came in from taking a walk with my dogs as my guides, crossing the creek that now has branched into 4 branches, looking for the signs of wild life. Following the Deer trails, looking at the rubs the Bucks make on small pine trees. Going from dense woods into the beautiful light that opens when you enter my upper field. Looking at the colors of gold, green, and brown. With the blue from the sky, yellow from the sun.

Sure, I can put my make up on, dress up, go to town,and visit with the towns people, however, I am still the woman that you will see, in her jeans and boots,  walking the woods and fields with her dogs, listening the voices in the wind, loving the land that she lives on. Who Loves stopping   to saying hello to her horse, and donkeys, Watching the red tail hawk flying above.

So I encourage everyone to find the side of you that will go outside, find a trail and see where it might take you. You might be surprised at what you find and how you feel after your nature walk. Don’t forget to listen not only to the wind, but also to what the earth has to say to you. You to may feel the energy from the earth.


Angel Hugs,

Super Moon July 12;

During the Super Moon of July 12, you may feel out of sorts, can’t think, are tired, have a headache, no energy, anxious. This is caused by the strong pull of the moon phase, called the Super Moon. How do we over come these feelings? the easiest way I have found is to ground yourself by quieting the mind, and relax into a state of awareness. I fell great during these times for I rise with the vibrational energies. How? By letting my Spirit Guides and Angles led me to my highest good. Meaning I let them raise my energies, and I accept the help and awareness they give me. All I have to do is go with the flow, of all things in this life. So meditate, relax and enjoy!

Don’t forget that now is a great time to put out to the universe what you want in the month to come.. It will manifest and come in.

Have a great Super Moon Day! Angel Hugs!


Living in BLISS! Living in Bliss is living in tune with not only your God-self, but also having harmony with all things that surround you.  Expelling the negative that surrounds you. By doing cleansing your body, your mind, your home, your yard. Create harmony with all things that surrounds you. Here are some simple ways to do this. When bathing use some bath salts with the intention of clearing the negative that clings to you. Cleanse your home with white sage, clearing the home and opening the windows to clear the air. In the yard use Mother Earths energy to help cleanse the air, by using  crystals, Lavender, Moon Stones, Gazing Balls, Fountains, Angel Gardens, just to name a few.

When walking the path of conscious and through Prayer, and Meditation.  By keeping the energy stirred, and flowing, you will find Bliss, through Joy,and  comfort, which also opens the door to wellness in all areas of your life.

Summer Solstice

Seasons brings us many things.  Today is the longest day of the year, celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Summer is the time for Sunshine, growing of all things mother nature provides. Everything in the summer is alive. The grass is green, the gardens provide us fresh food, the herbs provide us healing, the sun provides us vitamin D, and all things upon this earth provides us with gentle love. Giving us many gifts and letting us harvest the bounty.

Today do a little dance, and give thanks to Mother Nature, and all creatures upon this earth, for our abundance. Maybe you to will see the fairies in your garden, helping your plants, and herbs flourish.  Happy Solstice!!

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

The Earth is always turning, changing, and cleansing. We may not always understand the Healing process of the earth, but know that all things that happen on this earth, effect the earth in a positive, or negative way! So help keep this earth green and Healthy. Happy Earth Day!

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moment

God created Heaven and Earth, then He created you to enjoy this Heavenly Earth!

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