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Super Moon July 12;

During the Super Moon of July 12, you may feel out of sorts, can’t think, are tired, have a headache, no energy, anxious. This is caused by the strong pull of the moon phase, called the Super Moon. How do we over come these feelings? the easiest way I have found is to ground yourself by quieting the mind, and relax into a state of awareness. I fell great during these times for I rise with the vibrational energies. How? By letting my Spirit Guides and Angles led me to my highest good. Meaning I let them raise my energies, and I accept the help and awareness they give me. All I have to do is go with the flow, of all things in this life. So meditate, relax and enjoy!

Don’t forget that now is a great time to put out to the universe what you want in the month to come.. It will manifest and come in.

Have a great Super Moon Day! Angel Hugs!

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Take time out and watch the sunset. Breathing the Breath f life. Feeling this moment that will last forever. Remember the powerful being you were meant to be. Watching the Day turn into Night and the wondrous Stars that blanket the Sky.

Remember to Meditate during the full moon, requesting what you want in the month to come. Then watch how everything will unfold before the month is over.  Letting the Angels answer your request.

Happy New Year 2014

The New Year is coming. Starting out the year with a bang of a New Moon! Bringing you luck, love and Devine intervention. Use this year to create all that you want in life. Use this year to fulfill your dreams, find your destiny. Create yourself a new world. Getting rid of the clutter in your mind. Find passion and freedom in art, dance, song, prayer, meditation. Be brave enough to leave the old and the past behind. Bring more joy and peace in your life. But most of all Enjoy Your Journey in this Life! Angel Hugs from above for the Happiest Of New Years!

End of the Year Full Moon Phase

This end of the year full moon phase is really kicking some butts right now!!

I have never seen people so hateful, fearful, and some just down right mean. Hello! This is not about you or what someone is doing to you. It is about a transformation, of the earth and aligning of the stars and universe.

Don’t whine and bitch because someone is not catering to you right now. EVERYONE is on their own PATH!  The Holidays are here, this is a time for blessing and feeling blessed! It is not all about you. It is about the love and abundance we receive each and every day from the Angels, From God, the Supreme Being, and if you choose to feel sorry for  yourself, then it is you who will lose! Only you.

Look beyond yourself and see that there are others who truly need food, shelter, a warm coat. We should all be grateful for what we have in this life.

Your smile can light up another persons life! Then you can be the miracle you performed  in that person’s life!

By simply looking around you, you will become giving and it will not be all about you. No matter what the moon phase is, the stress, the depression. The best way to feel joy is to start moving and looking, and seeing how blessed you are.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

As the snow blankets the earth this moon lit winter evening, allowing the earth to rest until Mother Nature decides to uncover her earth, and lets it wake up to sunshine, to start a new cycle of living, of growth.

When I stepped outside tonight, I saw the beauty the snow brings. the bright stars, the pine trees lighting up their branches with flakes that look like a million brilliant diamonds, shining, letting mother nature give us a light show. Helping to light our way through the night. Sharing Beauty in darkness.

I look in wonderment and am thankful for this Heavenly night, filled with the beauty and wonderment of all that surrounds me.

Beauty- in- the -Ozarks

Oct is the time when the leaves turn to bright shades of gold, red and orange, with sun shine days, and cool fall nights. We start thinking of long winter nights in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate and listening to the golden oldies, while reading our favorite book. Oct is a time for children to run through leaves and plan Halloween! To get excited, and feel their energy! Their enthusiasm ! They make you smile, even on the cool evenings, they make us feel young again, if only for a moment.

October, is a time to reflect back over the summer’s lazy days, Of hotdogs, and icy drinks to stay cool. Of swimming and enjoying baseball.  However, as we move forward into the year we see that summers is being laid to rest and fall will bring us new experiences that we save and savor throughout the long winter months ahead. Remember, to meditate, and connect during the Huge Harvest full  Moon . Look closely and you may see an Angel fly across the moon.

Use the best of the Full Moon

Not only is there a big beautiful full moon tonight, but a wonderful energy filled day today. The energy today is rocking and rolling, feeling great! Problems are being solved during this time with less conflict. Tonight is a great time to Meditate, and reflex. Put forth your thoughts on what you want to come to you for the month ahead. Open your arms and let the Angels carry these thoughts for you, let the Angels turn your thoughts into reality. Then you will see how easy this becomes. No longer a thought, but reality.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Bright days run into night, night stretches on forever through a blanket of stars. Beauty shines, lighting up the night, reflecting light in a three-dimensional world.

Full Moon

Watch out!  We are going into the full moon stage of the month.  That’s when things start really going array!!  Weather, people, mother earth and the universe!  Watch the full moon, Meditate and use this time to ground yourself.  Meditate on the month to come, what you want to receive and change in your personal or business life.  Call in your Angels to help carry your request on to the universe.  Relax into yourself and watch what is going on around you.  Stay calm and watch the reality of life.  Gain energy during this time from the full moon, making this time a positive and healing experience.

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