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Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

As the twilight is dimming and night brings out the beauty of the universe. I see so many positive things on this earth. Look around and explore the heavens and the stars that make this time a little brighter. Twinkling and Winking, letting us know that all is well. That we do have things to look forward to. that there is a higher power that exist, way up high, but also within us. But that also in the quiet night you can feel your own individual. unique, power of the Supreme Being. that lies inside each and everyone of us. Because, we all have a different journey on this earth. This is our separate uniqueness.

The Angels are showing me tonight, that truly all is right with my world. I have put in a long day working and helping others. Helping them clear their paths of sorrow, trouble, and questions. I have also been on my daily outside walk to ground and also to enjoy this Heavenly Earth.  As always I take my Angels with me. It is a great time for me to do a walking meditation, while I can also enjoy the ever changing  beauty that surrounds me. I always give thanks to my Higher power, my Angels, and Mother Earth, for providing me the privilege to stay on this earth and live in a positive way. That I am truly blessed in my life to have my home, family, and friends, that surround me.

So while I listen and give you my message though my Angels and The Supreme Being, I have hope that you too are enjoying your journey on this earth.

Many Blessings, and Angel Hugs

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Want to know how to kick start your morning? Well this is way I start my day. I grab a cup of coffee and head outside. I always thank father God and Mother Earth for this heavenly day. Then I look around, and listen to the sounds of nature. Birds singing, the neighbors cows mooing, the rooster crowing in the distance. I then do about 10 minutes of gentle stretching. Nothing hard, I certainly am not a yoga master, or exercise guru. But the point is to get the body moving. As we get older, this is especially important . I also take a few minutes to do what I call play with the energy. I do slow movements, of pushing the energy out, then bring it back in to me. Then stretch the energy, pulling it, pushing it. This really helps fill you up for the day. Then I thank Spirit and pray to carry me through this day of positive energy, and living.

I am always interested in how you start your day. Let me know.

Angel Hugs


This is ensuring that you have a safe and exciting Halloween! When the Witches and Ghouls come out to play… FRIGHT NIGHT! During the time of All Hallows Eve, the Spirits will walk and talk. So look before you leap!!

It is also a good night for visions and meditation, using your Spirit Guides and Angels to show you what is coming your way.  What a great way to prepare you for the upcoming Holidays.


Living in BLISS! Living in Bliss is living in tune with not only your God-self, but also having harmony with all things that surround you.  Expelling the negative that surrounds you. By doing cleansing your body, your mind, your home, your yard. Create harmony with all things that surrounds you. Here are some simple ways to do this. When bathing use some bath salts with the intention of clearing the negative that clings to you. Cleanse your home with white sage, clearing the home and opening the windows to clear the air. In the yard use Mother Earths energy to help cleanse the air, by using  crystals, Lavender, Moon Stones, Gazing Balls, Fountains, Angel Gardens, just to name a few.

When walking the path of conscious and through Prayer, and Meditation.  By keeping the energy stirred, and flowing, you will find Bliss, through Joy,and  comfort, which also opens the door to wellness in all areas of your life.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Take time out and watch the sunset. Breathing the Breath f life. Feeling this moment that will last forever. Remember the powerful being you were meant to be. Watching the Day turn into Night and the wondrous Stars that blanket the Sky.

Remember to Meditate during the full moon, requesting what you want in the month to come. Then watch how everything will unfold before the month is over.  Letting the Angels answer your request.

Happy New Year 2014

The New Year is coming. Starting out the year with a bang of a New Moon! Bringing you luck, love and Devine intervention. Use this year to create all that you want in life. Use this year to fulfill your dreams, find your destiny. Create yourself a new world. Getting rid of the clutter in your mind. Find passion and freedom in art, dance, song, prayer, meditation. Be brave enough to leave the old and the past behind. Bring more joy and peace in your life. But most of all Enjoy Your Journey in this Life! Angel Hugs from above for the Happiest Of New Years!

Beauty- in- the -Ozarks

Oct is the time when the leaves turn to bright shades of gold, red and orange, with sun shine days, and cool fall nights. We start thinking of long winter nights in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate and listening to the golden oldies, while reading our favorite book. Oct is a time for children to run through leaves and plan Halloween! To get excited, and feel their energy! Their enthusiasm ! They make you smile, even on the cool evenings, they make us feel young again, if only for a moment.

October, is a time to reflect back over the summer’s lazy days, Of hotdogs, and icy drinks to stay cool. Of swimming and enjoying baseball.  However, as we move forward into the year we see that summers is being laid to rest and fall will bring us new experiences that we save and savor throughout the long winter months ahead. Remember, to meditate, and connect during the Huge Harvest full  Moon . Look closely and you may see an Angel fly across the moon.

Use the best of the Full Moon

Not only is there a big beautiful full moon tonight, but a wonderful energy filled day today. The energy today is rocking and rolling, feeling great! Problems are being solved during this time with less conflict. Tonight is a great time to Meditate, and reflex. Put forth your thoughts on what you want to come to you for the month ahead. Open your arms and let the Angels carry these thoughts for you, let the Angels turn your thoughts into reality. Then you will see how easy this becomes. No longer a thought, but reality.

How to handel Evil

Evil acts of others affect us all. Rise above their acts, using your power through prayer, meditation, and positive energy.Knowing that no matter what, evil cannot effect you. Pray and send healing to others who are effected by these acts. Stand in your light and let it shine on others. Heal this earth, humanity and universe by using the mantra of light love and healing to all. No one is immune to evil, or their acts, however, by using your tools, and the Angels, peace can be found in a positive and effective way. Disarming fear and evil. The loss of one life is to many, fear then becomes a ripple effect. Do not let fear enable you. Because when we live in fear, we have sur-comed to the power of evil. The negative then takes over and it will allow evil to take over. Then our defense system is gone.

I believe in the power of the Angels and the Supreme Being (God) that can override evil and their acts. Stay grounded and pray for others who have been so effected by evil and their acts. By sending this healing into the World and Universe, you are helping others in a positive way, not a fearful way.

Just A Little Light

As I set in a meadow, listening to the water stream over the rocks, I look above at the Snow Peak Mountains. I feel the presence of God and the Angelic Realm surrounds me. Giving me strength of conviction. Feeling the warmth and love from all things, the earth and the heavenly bodies. Just Being. How wonderful and beautiful the quiet awe is. An eagle cries and I receive the message that we all can soar higher in our Spiritual bodies. Letting go of everyday stress, fear and finding peace. God’s presence allows us all. What a magical and wonderful place this earth is. Staying grounded, yet flying higher than we have ever been. Come, won’t you sit with me and enjoy just being who you really are. Traveling with the mind, body and Spirit as one.

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