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Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

As the twilight is dimming and night brings out the beauty of the universe. I see so many positive things on this earth. Look around and explore the heavens and the stars that make this time a little brighter. Twinkling and Winking, letting us know that all is well. That we do have things to look forward to. that there is a higher power that exist, way up high, but also within us. But that also in the quiet night you can feel your own individual. unique, power of the Supreme Being. that lies inside each and everyone of us. Because, we all have a different journey on this earth. This is our separate uniqueness.

The Angels are showing me tonight, that truly all is right with my world. I have put in a long day working and helping others. Helping them clear their paths of sorrow, trouble, and questions. I have also been on my daily outside walk to ground and also to enjoy this Heavenly Earth.  As always I take my Angels with me. It is a great time for me to do a walking meditation, while I can also enjoy the ever changing  beauty that surrounds me. I always give thanks to my Higher power, my Angels, and Mother Earth, for providing me the privilege to stay on this earth and live in a positive way. That I am truly blessed in my life to have my home, family, and friends, that surround me.

So while I listen and give you my message though my Angels and The Supreme Being, I have hope that you too are enjoying your journey on this earth.

Many Blessings, and Angel Hugs

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Let your inner strength, wisdom and beauty shine through, to the outside.

Always from your Angels.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Independence: A Way Of Thinking. Through freedom of thought we create our own reality. Most of our reality comes from judgments that others call must do’s. We have been so dependent on other humans to tell us what we should think or how to think things through their way. Now you are saying is that not what you are doing? No what I am doing is letting you know that you have the choice you decide what you should think of something, or even of yourself. The Angels have led me to think independently, freeing me from having to think exactly like everyone else. Life is not a game of follow the leader, so we feel excepted by others. We are individuals, and we have the power to help heal ourselves, through thought.   To communicate differently though our thought patterns. So on this forth of July stand proud, and think about how you can improve not only your self, but also your home, friends, health, and even the world. Though the change of thought, simply by using your own very personal Angels. Let go and Fly.

Rebecca J. Steiger

Home should be a place we run to! That is our safety net, a loving place, filled with positive energy. Home should not a place we run away from. It should not be a place filled with fear, hate, negativity and dread.

The Privilege of Nature

The Ozark Mountains is my home, my roots. I have the privilege of living on my native american ancestral land. Yes, I love the land and nature and all that it contains for me.

I just came in from taking a walk with my dogs as my guides, crossing the creek that now has branched into 4 branches, looking for the signs of wild life. Following the Deer trails, looking at the rubs the Bucks make on small pine trees. Going from dense woods into the beautiful light that opens when you enter my upper field. Looking at the colors of gold, green, and brown. With the blue from the sky, yellow from the sun.

Sure, I can put my make up on, dress up, go to town,and visit with the towns people, however, I am still the woman that you will see, in her jeans and boots,  walking the woods and fields with her dogs, listening the voices in the wind, loving the land that she lives on. Who Loves stopping   to saying hello to her horse, and donkeys, Watching the red tail hawk flying above.

So I encourage everyone to find the side of you that will go outside, find a trail and see where it might take you. You might be surprised at what you find and how you feel after your nature walk. Don’t forget to listen not only to the wind, but also to what the earth has to say to you. You to may feel the energy from the earth.


Angel Hugs,

Terror of the Mind

We all live as if our world is perfect. That is just life and this is all there is. WRONG! We then terrorize the mind by listening to all the negative of the news, our friends, our families. We worry about disease and how it controls the mind.  The big ones right now are cancer, ebola, flu, diabetes, all the things that can kill you!! So you buy into the intent of all this. When you buy into the intent of all of the things that can happen to you and your family, you absolutely let FEAR run your life.  You let the terror and the negative in your mind. You leave it wide open for these things to enter your life.  You do not feel you have the time or the energy to control what you eat, or how you think. Well, you do and you had better start taking the time to rid yourself of all these unhealthy thoughts, fears,  and negative.  This is what is creating the terror of your minds.

When you become aware that certain things are always going to be out there to create control and terror of the mind, you will then take the natural way giving yourself  permission, that will help you control your own life. Allow yourself to rise about these things, instead of buying into these things. Use the greatest source available to you! Your Angels, the messengers, who will tell you what and how to prepare you and yours in these times of crisis. These times of terror, let the Angels guide you in making the choices that are right for you. We are all individuals, how we perceive something is very different from the person next to you. This does not make you right or wrong, just different.

So do not let anyone, terrorize your mind. Use your self-awareness to overcome all obstacles in your life. This is called positive living through the energy you create around you every day. So take that negative energy, throw it out and bring in positive energy and create a lighter and higher vibrational energy in your everyday life.

Bravo to All Women

Bravo to all the Strong, dedicated women I know! The strength of women will astound you! We love and cherish those we love.. We take care of our families, friends and relations. We give birth, we survive death, and we work more hours a day than men. We can take care of a sick love one while we are getting dressed for work, or a night out with our man. We wipe the tears of others when we too would like to cry! Don’t ever think women are weak or not capable, because we are the Strength and Backbone of this life.

So Bravo, to all the Women!

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

The Mind is a great place to let your inner child out to play!

Reflections of life and Christmas

This is a time for reflection. The year is coming to an end. The experiences we have each had this past year, have tought us, loved us and enlightened us. Now, we reflect, we rejoice in many things. Life is not always easy but the lessons we learn are part of growing and evolving. As the earth turns, so do our ever-changing lives. I give thanks to this life! As I am part of a much larger scheme of things then just myself. We are like the stars in the sky, to many to count, but each one as important as the other. It is together, that we make a difference. That we shine so brightly.

Christmas is a time to look upward and rejoice with spirit and love ones. To give thanks, and look forward to the things to come in the new year. I wish everyone peace, love and joy during this celebration and birth of the Christ Child,

End of the Year Full Moon Phase

This end of the year full moon phase is really kicking some butts right now!!

I have never seen people so hateful, fearful, and some just down right mean. Hello! This is not about you or what someone is doing to you. It is about a transformation, of the earth and aligning of the stars and universe.

Don’t whine and bitch because someone is not catering to you right now. EVERYONE is on their own PATH!  The Holidays are here, this is a time for blessing and feeling blessed! It is not all about you. It is about the love and abundance we receive each and every day from the Angels, From God, the Supreme Being, and if you choose to feel sorry for  yourself, then it is you who will lose! Only you.

Look beyond yourself and see that there are others who truly need food, shelter, a warm coat. We should all be grateful for what we have in this life.

Your smile can light up another persons life! Then you can be the miracle you performed  in that person’s life!

By simply looking around you, you will become giving and it will not be all about you. No matter what the moon phase is, the stress, the depression. The best way to feel joy is to start moving and looking, and seeing how blessed you are.

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