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Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Blessed Be those that the Angels take to Heaven. For no one is forgotten or left behind!

We may wonder why some get their just rewards and why others seem not to, however, all dogs go to Heaven even the ones that bite!

Halloween; Is It A Frightening Night?

Halloween, fright night, filled with tricks and treats. Seeing the ghosts and spooks from the past.

Remember this is the night that celebrated the beginning of winter, but also the night that the veil is so thin!! Through the thinning of the veil the dead can cross over so much easier, and you to can see so much clearer. As the veil thins your third eye can open to truly see the beyond. To reach your hand through the veil and discover, there is so much going on; on the other side of life.   And that really there is nothing to fear or frighten you except yourself.

From the Desk Of Rebecca J. Steiger

As we all reflect on this day 9/11, we realise that this was the day the United States found out that we to are vulnerable when the arms of evil reach out. That we never know when a perfect day can turn into the most Horrendous day in our lives.When one of the people we love, like and that work so hard is taken in a blink of an eye forever. Showing us That nothing is sacred and that our world is not safe. That we are not safe from the minds of madmen!Of Eveil, that hides in the crowds of the streets,but that also terrorizes the mind. What a sad day 9/11 is and always will be.
However, we must have strength and resolve ourselves that no matter what happens, we must continue to move forward in our lives to make this county safe! Safe from Harm and oppression in this life. Building our defense system for the future of our children, our grandchildren, but also and foremost for those who were sacrificed and lost their lives on this day.
Let the Angels lead you to a better life, helping you find the strength you need.

Dying- Love

Love is like a beautiful flower, that as it dies, one petal drops at a time, leaving nothing, not a sign of beauty left. When all is gone, all is exposed. When the seasons in life change, love withers and all is gone with time.

How to handel Evil

Evil acts of others affect us all. Rise above their acts, using your power through prayer, meditation, and positive energy.Knowing that no matter what, evil cannot effect you. Pray and send healing to others who are effected by these acts. Stand in your light and let it shine on others. Heal this earth, humanity and universe by using the mantra of light love and healing to all. No one is immune to evil, or their acts, however, by using your tools, and the Angels, peace can be found in a positive and effective way. Disarming fear and evil. The loss of one life is to many, fear then becomes a ripple effect. Do not let fear enable you. Because when we live in fear, we have sur-comed to the power of evil. The negative then takes over and it will allow evil to take over. Then our defense system is gone.

I believe in the power of the Angels and the Supreme Being (God) that can override evil and their acts. Stay grounded and pray for others who have been so effected by evil and their acts. By sending this healing into the World and Universe, you are helping others in a positive way, not a fearful way.

An Exceptional Man

I have known many wonderful people in my life.  However, there was one that touched so many hearts, opened so many doors for others.  Douglas D Brown, born August 7, 1942, died November 8, 2010.  He was my brother, my friend, an ordinary man who enjoyed life .  He had stage 4  cancer which ate away his body, but never his courage or his mind.  He spent his life learning and studying all he could, about anything and everything he could find. He opened his mind to new and unknown possibilities.  He took care of wildlife management but enjoyed most the animals and birds in his own back yard.  He hiked mountains all over the world, skied, bicycled, and enjoyed all nature had to offer!  He was a free Spirit, yet so different from me.

After his passing, the Angels brought him in to see me and he gave me this wonderful message;  He was also in the care of my father who passed in Nov ember2007.  I listened to the quiet as he spoke!  He was walking; going uphill with no place to go except home, to those he loved .  He asked that we
look after his wife, when all have gone. To let her be a part of our lives,  he will live on through her. To dedicate my life to continue helping others who
come to me.  He now understands and everything is so clear. He loves us all.

I must now tell you, that from what I have personally experienced in life, you never die.  Your physical form is left behind, but when the Angels
come, you only change clothes, and go home.  You will live in a different form, in a different way.  You will be able to come between worlds, Heaven and Earth. Really, there is no difference you see, as Earth is an extension of Heaven.  So I say good bye to my brother, my friend, to Doug’s life in the human form, and look forward to seeing and hearing more of him in a Spiritual way!

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