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Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moment

From the time I was a very small child, my night-time visitors were Angels dressed in brightly illuminate colors, that surrounded my bed at night. They were glowing! From that time I realized that I am never, ever in the dark alone. I know that I am protected and safe, from the dark,  and what darkness means to others. So know that no matter how dark your days, or nights, you are always  accompanied  by a band of Angels.   Many Blessings.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Remember the Moon is made of cheese! Cheese when it becomes old and dried out will crumble. Sometimes the same thing happens in our relationships in life!! Our lives feel like they are crumbling before us. Sometimes we have to get rid of the old way of thinking and acting in order to move forward, and recreate, the things that we value the most.

If the Angels can leave you with this one thought today, it would be that you are worthy, that you are a valuable commodity on this earth and that all you do in your life has meaning!!    Embrace your worth!

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