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Living in BLISS! Living in Bliss is living in tune with not only your God-self, but also having harmony with all things that surround you.  Expelling the negative that surrounds you. By doing cleansing your body, your mind, your home, your yard. Create harmony with all things that surrounds you. Here are some simple ways to do this. When bathing use some bath salts with the intention of clearing the negative that clings to you. Cleanse your home with white sage, clearing the home and opening the windows to clear the air. In the yard use Mother Earths energy to help cleanse the air, by using  crystals, Lavender, Moon Stones, Gazing Balls, Fountains, Angel Gardens, just to name a few.

When walking the path of conscious and through Prayer, and Meditation.  By keeping the energy stirred, and flowing, you will find Bliss, through Joy,and  comfort, which also opens the door to wellness in all areas of your life.

Summer Solstice

Seasons brings us many things.  Today is the longest day of the year, celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Summer is the time for Sunshine, growing of all things mother nature provides. Everything in the summer is alive. The grass is green, the gardens provide us fresh food, the herbs provide us healing, the sun provides us vitamin D, and all things upon this earth provides us with gentle love. Giving us many gifts and letting us harvest the bounty.

Today do a little dance, and give thanks to Mother Nature, and all creatures upon this earth, for our abundance. Maybe you to will see the fairies in your garden, helping your plants, and herbs flourish.  Happy Solstice!!

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