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Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Seek your freedom and strength from Nature, it will provide you all the things you need in this life.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

I am your Heart,I am your Mind,I am your Vision and your Light to follow.

This can be your Life.

Do you have a Destination?

We all think we have a Destination in mind when we go somewhere. Rather it be to work each day, or we take a vacation. However, sometimes it is better not to plan a destination, sometimes to truly relax and to find Joy, and the perfect Peace, there does not need to be a destination! The journey can be an experience of finding truth, and then changing it into reality.

Detestation sometimes limit us. Let someone else worry about where the journey ends. So don’t put limits on your journey, you don’t have to have a destination. A destination can mean a stopping point, and I personally never want to stop in my life. I want to keep the journey going!

Bravo to All Women

Bravo to all the Strong, dedicated women I know! The strength of women will astound you! We love and cherish those we love.. We take care of our families, friends and relations. We give birth, we survive death, and we work more hours a day than men. We can take care of a sick love one while we are getting dressed for work, or a night out with our man. We wipe the tears of others when we too would like to cry! Don’t ever think women are weak or not capable, because we are the Strength and Backbone of this life.

So Bravo, to all the Women!

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

We all have the opportunity to start over, a new day, new opportunities. Thank God and the Angels for your life (rather iit is good or bad) every day! This will let you realize that there is help out there for you. You will then start recognizing you are a huge part of life and the universe. No matter what is going on in your life, let the Angels handle it.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

We create our personal worlds and then you can’t live in them! The question is why? The answer is living through Spirit and the Angels.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

By opening the Heart Charka and allowing the flow of love in, You will feel all the love that surrounds you!!

Rebecca’s Metphysical Moments

Stretch your creative side, use your imagination and create the life you want.

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