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Halloween; Is It A Frightening Night?

Halloween, fright night, filled with tricks and treats. Seeing the ghosts and spooks from the past.

Remember this is the night that celebrated the beginning of winter, but also the night that the veil is so thin!! Through the thinning of the veil the dead can cross over so much easier, and you to can see so much clearer. As the veil thins your third eye can open to truly see the beyond. To reach your hand through the veil and discover, there is so much going on; on the other side of life.   And that really there is nothing to fear or frighten you except yourself.

Balancing the Negative and the Positive

Every day you gain more knowledge, more wisdom.  Every day someone else enters your life from which you learn. It can be the checkout girl, mail carrier or a person driving by you on the road.  Briefly, they all tell you something. They may be a hard worker, angry, lazy or beautiful.  Whatever it is, you have gained some knowledge from that person. Your brain stores that knowledge for you. Your body reacts to that knowledge.

For example, if you are driving down the road and an angry driver flies by you honking their horn and shaking their fists at you, your reflexes take over after the brain says, “look out”.  You immediately jerk awake and are ready to move your car.  Emotions run from fear to anger at a person you have never before seen.  They have put you on alert. They have given you some type of reaction.  You will likely never see that person again, but they have given you another experience in life.  Then you go home and tell your family about this experience, perhaps not knowing why that person was so angry with you.

There is a negative and positive to all things, but the key is balancing between both.  Use the negative as a balance for the positive.  Use it as a grounding tool, to center and relax you and use the positive side to lift you up higher and lighter.


The above is an abbreviated excerpt from my book “From Ashes to Angel Light”, available at and other retailers.

Beauty- in- the -Ozarks

Oct is the time when the leaves turn to bright shades of gold, red and orange, with sun shine days, and cool fall nights. We start thinking of long winter nights in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate and listening to the golden oldies, while reading our favorite book. Oct is a time for children to run through leaves and plan Halloween! To get excited, and feel their energy! Their enthusiasm ! They make you smile, even on the cool evenings, they make us feel young again, if only for a moment.

October, is a time to reflect back over the summer’s lazy days, Of hotdogs, and icy drinks to stay cool. Of swimming and enjoying baseball.  However, as we move forward into the year we see that summers is being laid to rest and fall will bring us new experiences that we save and savor throughout the long winter months ahead. Remember, to meditate, and connect during the Huge Harvest full  Moon . Look closely and you may see an Angel fly across the moon.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

A grain of sand can make a Mountain.



Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Lose the Hate, Lose the Weight!  By letting go of so many things that hold us down, pinning us against the ground and not letting us move forward in a positive way. I am not only talking about hating someone, or yourself for that matter! I am talking about the little stresses in this life that turn into huge conflicts!

By using your mind and the Angels through meditation and practice, you can literally get up and start moving again. You have to lose the Hate to Loose the Weight! Not just physical weight, but also mental weight, the weight you have been carrying around for years! Think about how heavy all of this is in your everyday life. So by connecting to your Angels and through a letting go ceremony, you can lose the hate, lose the weight.  This is one of the most positive and healthy things you can do for your mind, body and spirit connection.

You will become more energized.  By using the energy, in a positive way, you will feel lighter, and so you will lose all the excess weight you have been carrying around for comfort.  You comfort yourself through the unhealthy eating and living habits.

So today make a list of the hate, stress, hurt, anger, jealousy and anything else that may hold you back.  Do this outside your home.  Do not let these negative things linger in your home’s energy.  Then burn that piece of paper, letting it burn away your negative!  Letting it burn away your hurt and hate.

Then say I thank you, I love you and I forgive you.  You are then done with the hate and will feel the weight lift from your soul, your body.  And always thank Spirit and the Angels for your healing!

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