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ENTER TO WIN – “And the Angels Speak” Autographed Books

You can enter to win one of five personally autographed copies of my latest book, And the Angels Speak.

Beginning October 1, you can click the book cover below for your chance to win.  You can also go directly to my Facebook Page for And the Angels Speak to enter.  Go to and just click on the “Giveaway” box.  Be sure to return and enter each day for more chances at winning.

Winners will be announced during my weekly talk show on Blog Talk Radio on Sunday Evening, October 20, 2013.







You can also CLICK HERE to purchase your personally autographed today.

Good luck and Angel Hugs to everyone!

And the Angels Speak – My latest book from Balboa Press!


Hello Everyone!

I am so happy to announce that my latest book, And the Angels Speak, has been published by Balboa Press.  And the Angels Speak, is a newly updated and revised edition of my first book, And the Angels Spoke, which was originally published in 2005.

And the Angels Speak is about the journey and truth in spiritual reality. This book is to help others like you find your divine mission, spiritual opening and to let you know you are here for a higher purpose.

The book is available at, Barnes & Noble, Balboa Press and other book retailers.  Also, very soon you will be able to order autographed copies directly from my website.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this book, which was channeled through the Angelic Realm to me and written especially for you to help you on your path in this life and beyond.

Angel Hugs!

Awareness is the Key!

Once you become aware of what is really going on around you, you will see that you have missed so many things in this life! Awareness opens you up and allows you see the whole of things on this beautiful creation, we call Earth, and Life!

From the Desk Of Rebecca J. Steiger

As we all reflect on this day 9/11, we realise that this was the day the United States found out that we to are vulnerable when the arms of evil reach out. That we never know when a perfect day can turn into the most Horrendous day in our lives.When one of the people we love, like and that work so hard is taken in a blink of an eye forever. Showing us That nothing is sacred and that our world is not safe. That we are not safe from the minds of madmen!Of Eveil, that hides in the crowds of the streets,but that also terrorizes the mind. What a sad day 9/11 is and always will be.
However, we must have strength and resolve ourselves that no matter what happens, we must continue to move forward in our lives to make this county safe! Safe from Harm and oppression in this life. Building our defense system for the future of our children, our grandchildren, but also and foremost for those who were sacrificed and lost their lives on this day.
Let the Angels lead you to a better life, helping you find the strength you need.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

May your day be filled with Rainbows! Leading you to a Bright and New Future of Healing!

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Live today like it’s the happiest day of your life. Then it will be. Angel Hugs!

Talk Show!

I am sorry that I will not be doing my show tonight on blog talk radio. Seems Blog Talk is having problems. Please tune in next week and have a wonderful week. Angel Hugs!!

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