Earth Changes

How much can man do to the earth and the universe, before Mother Nature says enough. The earth is going through a Master Cleanse. Man has drilled into the belly of the earth to fill their pockets of gold. Man has gone through the realities of the universe, to study distance planets. All in the name of progress. Yet we wonder why all the havoc that surrounds us is happening.
I received from the Angels back in 2002 through 2006, so much information on the earth and what would happen in the coming years. Spirit is not happy, with what man has done to this Heavenly Earth. Because we live on God’s playground! We take for granted the pleasures we receive from this Earth.
Now we pay the price. We see that all can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Tornado’s, earth quakes, mountians falling, fire destroying our presicous forest lands, floods. The Axis are off and unbalanced on this earth. Upseting the turning of this earth.
We only think we are in control of this Earth! But we are not, God is, and Mother Nature is. However, this also is allowing us to open our viberations to a higher consciousness! This we must do to survive and understand that in some cases, the most horrendous things, end up being are greatest blessings.
Awareness is the key, balance is the key to sucess here. ARE YOU AWARE

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