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Earth Changes

How much can man do to the earth and the universe, before Mother Nature says enough. The earth is going through a Master Cleanse. Man has drilled into the belly of the earth to fill their pockets of gold. Man has gone through the realities of the universe, to study distance planets. All in the name of progress. Yet we wonder why all the havoc that surrounds us is happening.
I received from the Angels back in 2002 through 2006, so much information on the earth and what would happen in the coming years. Spirit is not happy, with what man has done to this Heavenly Earth. Because we live on God’s playground! We take for granted the pleasures we receive from this Earth.
Now we pay the price. We see that all can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Tornado’s, earth quakes, mountians falling, fire destroying our presicous forest lands, floods. The Axis are off and unbalanced on this earth. Upseting the turning of this earth.
We only think we are in control of this Earth! But we are not, God is, and Mother Nature is. However, this also is allowing us to open our viberations to a higher consciousness! This we must do to survive and understand that in some cases, the most horrendous things, end up being are greatest blessings.
Awareness is the key, balance is the key to sucess here. ARE YOU AWARE

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Sometimes life, and the mind are too quiet. We need to lift the vail of depression and silence to let the light shine through. Follow the sun and let the Angels guide you through inner thought.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

When opportunity comes, don’t let is pass! That might be the moment of abundance!
Listen to your gut and let the Angels guide you.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Lies are like leaches! They suck the truth right out of you. Leaving everything you say empty and meaningless!

Use the best of the Full Moon

Not only is there a big beautiful full moon tonight, but a wonderful energy filled day today. The energy today is rocking and rolling, feeling great! Problems are being solved during this time with less conflict. Tonight is a great time to Meditate, and reflex. Put forth your thoughts on what you want to come to you for the month ahead. Open your arms and let the Angels carry these thoughts for you, let the Angels turn your thoughts into reality. Then you will see how easy this becomes. No longer a thought, but reality.

Welcome To Summer

Welcome to the first day of summer! Lemon-aid, butterflies, and the aroma of flowers, filling your days with Sun, Beach, Garden! letting you out doors to visit and play with Mother Nature. The Sun Gods welcome you, Mother Earth provides a playground for you.
Let the Sun light you up, filling you with healing energy. What a magical time. Enjoy the lazy days of summer.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Sometimes you’re just running fast with the wind!

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

I walk in silence listening to the songs of a choir of Angels. Receiving grace and beauty, from the universe and Angelic realm.

Imagination “From Ashes To Angel Light”

Imagination is a wonderful thing to have. Without it, where would we be? How would we live? Look around you at the tall buildings, the automobiles we drive, the homes we live in, even the food we eat. Without imagination, none of these things would happen.
Imagination, vision, or purpose, is all the same. Use you imagination to re-create yourself, your life, your world.

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Life is about living! No doubt we all think we are living! We work, we have families, friends. We hurry, hurry, and everyone needs you. It makes you feel you are living. However, don’t you think it’s your responsibality to do something about liveing in another way. A more positive, less stressful way. Letting go of stress, enjoying such a simple thing as nature, finding a quiet peacful place in your heart. Rejuvinate, and energise your body, by walking quietly upon this earth, feel the healing energies the earth provides. Love yourself a little more. Let the Angels come with you on this quiet experience of love and living well.

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