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Metaphysical Moments

My door is open to you! Who is your door open to?

Rebecca’s Metaphysical Moments

Your Palm is the Roadmap of your Life. Your feet will carry you along your Path!

The Curve Ball

When life throws you a curve ball, what do you do with it? Do you chew on it for ever, or do you start throwing lots of curve balls at others, reacting to anger or hurt, or do you simply lay the ball down, walk away, or do you bury the ball deep inside you, only to resurface later on in your life, over and over again! Or do you use it as an excuse, to keep you from moving forward on your life journey?

First of all you cannot bury a situation that has arisen in your life. You have to deal it. You have to let it go, find peace with it, or it will destroy you. Curve balls can  and will suck the life out of you. Maybe it’s a Huge deal to you, but not so Huge, if you take a good look at it, not letting it manifest. Sometimes we have to retrace our steps in order to find the solutions. I highly recommend two things. One is Meditation, clearing the mind to receive the answers. Two is using the Angels to help alleviate the problem in a very easy way. No harm done to anyone, not you are the person who threw the curve ball to you.

So why carry around so many curve balls in your life? When you can be free, healthy, and happy!

Sunshine and Angels

On a bright sunny day, you can see forever, feeling the warmth of the sun radiate upon you. Bringing a smile to your face, joy in your soul! If you look a little closer, you can see the Angels flying! Joining you in love, and peace they bring to you. Now, if you listen to the whispers in the wind, you to can hear the messages from the Angels above.  Messages,meant only for your ears only, strengthening your body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy your sunny day.


After doing my show last night, I realise that most people are not aware of their Emotions!! Or how to change their thought process, from negative to positive.

Well I am here to help you with this. Remember, everyone one we meet, and some we don’t, have an emotional impact on us. A simple phone call, a mad driver, the clerk at the store. Someone you see on the street, all give you some type of emotional feeling. The most important thing is that you feel, because, their are really no bad feelings, only lessons to learn. Rather, it be you are the person you don’t even know.

By reacting in a postive way, you are changing their reaction as well as your own. You are not allowing their negativity penetrate your physic. All you have to do is smile, speak to them in a tone that will take their volume down. This gives you control and strength in any negative situation.  The instant you feel threatened, breath deeply, and ask the Angels to help guide you though this. Then let it go!! Let your higher source take care of the negative.

Not all emotions are negative. Some are very happy! A simple smile can pick your spirits up, a caring word, agentle touch. Laughter can be the best medicine!!

So if your day is a dark and down day, do some visual excerises. Think of things that take you to a happy place. Smell the smells that make you feel good. Taste the foods that make you feel good, and enjoy the smile it puts on your face!  Aroma therapy is a great source of making us feel good.


Wisdom surrounds us all in everyday life! Breath in the universal wisdom from the Angels.

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