Rejuvenation Through the Full Moon

We are again going into a Full Moon phase, which can be a time of rejuvenation!

A great time for sitting quietly in the moon light and filling our bodies with the great energies the moon rays will provide us. Fill up for the coming month.

Also a great time to Meditate, putting out there all you need for the coming month. Quieting the mind allows you to also listen in a relaxed manner, what positive things in life will be in store for you. I love a full moon. We should start getting those big Harvest, Celestial Moons, filled with the color orange, opening our creative centers, allowing us to receive and recreate life
as we want. Healing yourself in so many ways. Releasing stress. As you sat and look above, call your Angels in to help guide you in this time of quiet  Meditation, let them fill in the gaps of questions that have been plaguing you.

Life is every changing, ever evolving, take a good look at yourself, you can change and remold yourself at any given time. You can become the person you were truly meant to be. Be positive, learn and laugh as you are filled with the new Moon energy.  Enjoy!!

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