How the Ancient Times Apply to Today and the Way We Live

The Ancient Wisdom from the past is what makes us as modern people of today.  Have you really looked at the Pyramids of ancient Rome, or the Indian Mounds that are literally everywhere?  If you ever stop looking at the modern marvels and step back using your minds eye to see in the past, you can then see the similarity of the structures of today.  Well guess what?  The same things apply in our daily life’s today.  A different twist, to say the least.  But a blending of the ancient with the new.  Instead of cooking a meal over the fire, we
grill outside, or at the least cook most of our food in some fashion.  The selections are better and our choices are a better variety.  Instead of hunting our food with a gun, we go to the grocery store and buy our food or go to  a restaurant and eat out.  However, I do feel that when it comes to food, the ancient ways of preserving and pickling without preservatives are
much healthier.

The problem with today’s society, people are not conscious of what they are putting in their bodies.  They are not conscious of how things, including foods, effect their bodies.  People just do not pay attention.  If it’s on the shelf and appealing they buy it, they eat it.  Learn to read labels.  The fresher the food, the better.

Same way in every thing we do.  Exercise, instead of going to the gym to workout, try walking outside, where the air you breath will really clear your lungs, heart and body.  Breathing in fresh air is so healthy and rejuvenating.  What we wear, our hair, makeup, etc..  All goes back to the ancient ways.  It more or less comes a full circle.  So the wisdom from ancient times, applies today just like it did then.

Our Earth is changing, we too need to change.  Prayer is no different today than it ever has been.  Meditation is no different then it ever has been, the Angels and their presence are the same as they have always been.

So go back in time and do the basics that will take you where you need to be now.   By using the Ancient ways you will have healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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