Things to Say Everyday

There are things you need to say everyday, even if no one else is around.  Or you can say these to everyone.  These things are uplifting and simple.  Sometimes it’s the simple things we do that lift you up and keep you going in the right direction.

These are things that also are great for relieving stress.  Stress is the major cause of many health problems.  Every morning, and then later in the day, say and repeat several times “I Love You, I Forgive You, I Thank You”.  Then say, “Thank You God for this Life upon This Heavenly Earth”.

When you are having a really bad day, ask the Angels to take over, and help.  Open your arms and say “Thank You, I love your presence in my life”.  I guarantee that at that moment, things will start going better.

Everyone deserves to have a good day!  So enjoy each moment of your day, your life.  It’s the only life you have.

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