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Life and How It Turns Out

We often wonder how life turns out so differently than what we thought it would.  When I work with people, they start out young and enthusiastic!  Full of energy, plans to do great things.  The happenings of life are never out of their reach.

They dare and they dream; However, as most people grow older, they become more responsible.  They get weighted down with life, jobs, family and money.  Absolutely making it so hard to get up in the mornings, much less dreaming of a European vacation, or a week at the Golden Door Spa!  Their dream of stardom has faded, they go from feeling everything life has to offer, to feeling nothing.  Only having regrets for what could of been, instead of what should have been.

Sometimes, you simply get stuck in the cycle of life.  You have no clue how to change things in your life.  That’s where I come in!  By using the Angels in your life, it can become easy instead of a struggle!  Another thing you must do is take a little time for yourself.  10 minutes of meditation really helps you breath, lets you get the answers to your life from your inner God self.  Also take a walk, let your inner child out to play, and feel young again. Life should never be that serious, that hard.  Quit making it so hard!

These are a few of the things that can get you moving, living, dreaming again.  Remember, everyone has Angels who are willing to help show you that life does not have to be this hard, that life was meant to be lived to the fullest!  This earth is a playground of beauty for you to enjoy.  Every moment wasted  is a moment lost in this life.  Don’t waste this moment, or your life.

Sunshine and Happiness for Better Health

How many days do we truly have left, where the sunshine gives us so much.  Think about it.  We enjoy the hot heat, playing in the water, sand, garden or just sitting and swinging in the hammock, outside enjoying the day.  What we sometimes forget is that we are also doing a cleanse, by sweating out the toxins in our bodies.  Twenty minutes of sunshine will give you the Vitamin D that you need, which is a truly a healthy benefit!

The most important thing is to not overexpose yourself when you are outside.  That is not healthy.  Sit in the shade and relax for awhile.  This to is a health benefit, you are getting rid of your
stress.  This also helps relieve depression.  Take in all the energy the universe provides for you while you are out in the sunshine.  Be inventive and use your time in the sun, making life fun, freeing yourself from the strife of everyday life.

Do not forget to give thanks to Father God and Mother Earth for the blessing of this day.  All it takes is 20 minutes a day to stay healthy. Enjoy your day in the sun.

Dying Love

Dying Love is like a Beautiful Flower, that as it dies, one petal drops at a time, leaving nothing, no signs of the beauty it once held.  When all is gone, all exposed; when loving withers with time.  All that is left is the stem of what once was.

Angel Hugs

There is nothing better than an Angel Hug!  Feeling the love and divine peace when the Angels wrap their wings around you, insulating you from the world and
worries that surround you.

When Angels Speak

When the Angels Speak, you can hear the Heavenly Trumpets in your ear!  Hearing the Angels sing Hallelujah.  For you are a Special Masterpiece, made by their Father!

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