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Channeling Through the Angels

When channeling through the Angels, I become connected to a larger vibrational energy, the Angels themselves, which is the most exhilarating experience you can have.  They never give a client anything negative, the Angels are always positive, giving you only what you need or can handle at that time of their life.  Answering your questions in a positive and loving way.

I have been Channeling for others through the Angels for 20 years.  I have channeled all over the world and I find that most people, no matter where they are, have problems, and through
the Angels and their energy language is not a barrier.  Time difference is not a problem.  If you are looking for answers, pick up the phone and call today for an appointment.  Let the Angels help guide you, healing the areas in your life you may not even know needs healing.  You can call for money, love, relationship advice, career advice and I will call the Angels in for your divine direction.

Be sure and go to my web site:  Don’t forget to check out my books… And The Angels Spoke  and From Ashes To Angel Light .  You can find them on my website or bookstores nationwide.

Portal of Energy

Through the energy work that I do and the Angels, I have a very powerful energy portal that has opened in front of my barn.  When I walk in the mornings, I am hot and breathless until I walk through this portal and it is like a breath of energy, helping me pick up my pace and freeing my mind, to raise my vibrational energies.

I am so blessed to have this experience and energy on this scared ground where I am allowed to live my life.  Get outside and see if you too can find your Angelic energy.  Walk and take in all that surrounds you, expand your mind and allow all to enter your realm of reality.  This is a great stress release, also a great healthy benefit for the body.

Read more about my Portal from Ozark Angel’s blog, where Kay give such wonderful information on so many things.  I thank you Kay for always remembering me in your blogs.

Always remember, Angels are everywhere!  Miracles do happen every day!

Full Moon

Watch out!  We are going into the full moon stage of the month.  That’s when things start really going array!!  Weather, people, mother earth and the universe!  Watch the full moon, Meditate and use this time to ground yourself.  Meditate on the month to come, what you want to receive and change in your personal or business life.  Call in your Angels to help carry your request on to the universe.  Relax into yourself and watch what is going on around you.  Stay calm and watch the reality of life.  Gain energy during this time from the full moon, making this time a positive and healing experience.

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