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How to Start Helping Others

It does not matter what my name is, it does matter how I can help others in a positive and loving way!  Extend your mind and start helping others who are in need.  For there are so many who could use a gentle touch or even your smile.  Listen to what someone has to say.  All these things can help someone you know.

Sucessfully Living Life Through the Energy of the Angels

Once you ask your Angels to help you, you have taken the first step.  You have succeeded!  It is all so simple, it’s almost as if you’ve done nothing at all!  Which by the way, you really did not do anything!  All you did is ask.  The Angels are always with everyone upon this earth, and I do mean everyone.  They wait patiently, waiting for your permission, to come forward to help.  It gives them great pleasure when you ask for them to help.  You can ask them for the smallest task such as helping you find your lost keys to the largest of request, such as helping you understand a difficult situation.  Now, remember, the Angels have a huge sense of humor!  So when you ask them for their help, be very specific.  Because, you are going to get exactly what you ask for.  I always let the Angels do the work for me.  It is so much easier when the Angels do all the work!  They will take the work load off of you!  Focus on the intent of what you want. Practice talking to your Angels and see how your energy feels.

Send me a comment and let me know your success in tuning your energy in with your Angels.

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