Monthly Archives: May 2011

Living and Learning Through the Angels

Living and learning through the Angels is so simple!  They are such a force of love and gentleness.  Ever present, ever patient.  I recommend that when life throws you a curve, you throw it back with such a force you don’t even know you have.

UNDERSTANDING!  The Angels will teach you how to be successful, when dealing with difficulties on your life journey!  The Angels will help you through the trials and tribulations in this life.  They will help you keep your path free and straight.  Let me tell you how and when to use your Angels.  When you call the Angels in they will fill you with Love, Understanding, and
Support.  What better system to have.

Tomorrow, I will continue to show you how to succeed in life through the Angels.

History and Time

Stop and look around.  History is being made now, especially the last month, feel the moment the earth changed your life.  Even if you feel you have nothing left, look around you and see that you have all you need to survive this change. Look within yourself and find the Devine Being within.  Be thankful for being you, for the life you can create through change.  Ask the Angels to lend you a helping hand, in finding the peace you seek within, and enjoy just being you.  Use this time in your life to truly rebuild that within you that you seek.

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