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The Miracle of Life

A miracle of life came into this world late last night.  Kayne Lyndel Steiger!

Welcome to our family.  He is another Angel and we welcome you.  Spirit gives us Miracles everyday! Look for the Miracles everyday that occurs in your life.

Remember that love comes in small packages, and love can be found immediately.

Angel Hugs

How To Keep Moving Forward In This Life

Life is so funny, or is it that people are so funny?  I get calls every day from people who are in trouble, where their life path has taken a wrong turn!  What I try and tell others through the Angels, is to keep moving forward in life, don’t stop; that is when life will get you stuck in the mud and create fear in yourself.

Life is full of lessons, gifts, and all is good.  No matter what you may think, there are others who have no life, they literally live in a box on the streets.  So quite feeling sorry for yourself and start counting your blessings, all that you have.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Start your Spiritual Journey and glide through life, seek the spiritual within yourself.  Spend some time with yourself.  Meditate, take a walk, sit by the beach looking out at the beauty of the water, while letting your inner self open.  Sit on the mountain top and listen to the voices in the wind while enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.

Whatever you do seek within, to find the answers that are on the outside.  Learn to trust yourself and learn to trust your Angels.  Smile each and every day.  Laughter, lifts your spirits, raises your vibrational energies, and heals so many things.  Remember, you are a powerful being, you are the master of your life, you hold the keys to your life.  You are Life.  Don’t forget to call on your Angels for all your needs, problems or just to know that you are never alone.

Everything happens for a reason, your reading this blog is for a reason, learn from this and pick yourself up and start enjoying your life.

Angel Hugs!!!

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