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Uplifting Woman

This blog is a little different then what I usually write.  For today I am going to write about uplifting people, who in the face of difficult times and tragedy still hold their heads up high.  They make everyone they meet feel a little better, letting someone else have a better day; it all starts with a smile.

One of my favorite entertainers is definitely, Joan Rivers!  She is so funny, but also has compassion and passion for life.  She takes care of her family, her business, her friends.

Another one of my favorites is Betty White.  Filled with such life, a funny Little lady who enjoys working, making others laugh, acting like a carefree child.

What I am saying, is both of these remarkable woman are very carefree and really almost childlike in their actions.  They keep their energy up, they take care of their health.  Hard when
they need to be, tender at others. They work hard, laugh till they cry and enjoy being alive.  They set an example for all of us.  The moral to my story  is let the inner child live on through you.  Take care of yourself and make life a little better for someone else, each and every day.  Also find something to smile about.  They both have a great deal of creativity!  Energy!  Knowing that the sun will shine tomorrow!  That work is really never done! That Family is the most important thing they have!  They take care of the causes they believe in!  For they have purpose, they are busy, productive woman! Living!

If you only do one thing today, I ask you to believe in Yourself !

Full Moon Residue

With all the full moon residue still going on, it seems like everyone is still feeling the effects.  By raising my vibrational energies I can relax and take care of those who need the healing.

From time to time we all need the comfort of others.  We get so crooked on our life path, we even sometimes fall in the ditch and have to be pulled out!  What ever the situation is, know that there is a higher power then you, and that no matter what life brings you, you will be okay.  It’s called Divine Intervention, the Angels.  So call upon the Divine when you are in trouble and sick of living the way you are.  Yes, I am saying, ask your Angels to help and you will feel immediate relief.

Enjoy, and make life simpler!!  Walk and feel the vibrational energies of the Earth.  Meditate and open the energies of ones self.  Sometimes, it’s the simple things are the most healing.

Problems and Angels

My life is easy, compared to most others!  Why?  Because I believe every problem you have ever had can be taken care of in an easy manner.  I don’t hammer away at a problem, I simply open my hands and ask the Angels to take care of whatever I need taking care of.  It’s amazing how quickly and effectually they work.  Each and every time that I do, the problem no longer is a problem!!  It’s gone, it evaporates.  So, why do you hang on to something that can be quickly and easily taken care of?

All things in life’s journey, are lessons we are being taught. Every problem we have is usually something that we just don’t get, and we try too hard not to let go of the problem.  Because, we have not yet resolved it in our minds. Listen to me when I tell you that is just to hard.  Why fret beating a problem to death, and working so hard.

So make life and problems a little easier, let the Angels and their knowledge work for you.  Devine Intervention.  Doing the work through the Angels gives you time to explore your life, and
actually enjoy living with a little more peace.

Are We in the Middle of 2012

Are we really in the middle of the transition of 2012?  Are we just living an illusion?  The Maya Indian calendar ends in 2012.  However, some think that is just when their calendar ends, for that is the time they departed and journeyed  to another place.

So what are we going through? In my first book, And The Angels Spoke, I talked about the earth changes, the tsunamis, the Axis being off on the earth.  I wrote about these things coming to pass in 2003.

What I see coming is..

  • #1 People, you cannot serve two Masters!
  • #2 The earth is definitely changing, for the better.  It will take a lot of positive energy, but it can be done.
  • #3 You are going to have to open yourself, to a higher source within yourself!

The Angels!  The Angels will help each and everyone of us to get through this change that is taking place at this time in history!!  Is it 2012?  Or is it just an Awakening of the Mind.  As I tell
everyone, time ends for some every minute of every day.  So enjoy the ride while you are here on this Heavenly Earth.

Check out the information on lay lines and earth activity on Ozark Angel. Lots of great info on their blog site.

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