If You Weren’t Who You Are

Did you ever think about what would happen if you were not who you are?  If you weren’t who you are, there would be so many people out there that would not only miss the opportunity to know you but also they would miss out on learning and loving from you.

That is why we are called individuals! We’re not all supposed to look alike or act alike.  If we did, how would we ever learn?  How would we survive this life?  We would all have one mind, looking exactly alike; How boring that would be.  Nothing ever changing, not your looks or your minds, everyone looking, acting and being the same all the time.

We all want certain things in life.  We all strive for a purpose of some kind. We either want to feel better, look different then we do, learn more and of course have more money.  Well, lighten up on yourself and go with the flow and see where life takes you.  You may be surprised, and not want to change a thing.

By learning how to remove the obstacles in your life, through the Angels, you really can sore with the Eagles, with one foot on the ground:  Enjoying all the Wonders life has to offer.

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