My Story of Channeling Through the Angels

I do channeling through the Angels and my guides.  Here’s my story…

I was traveling through life, doing what most people do.  Filling my days, unaware of  things that were going on around me.  I was intuitive to a degree, but managed to block out most of my gifts.

On April 19, 2003, my grandson and I were in a tornado that destroyed everything around us, picking us up and throwing us out about 70 feet.  Now, here comes the interesting part.  I had a near death experience and stood before the Supreme being, or better known as God.

God, was behind this huge Sandstone desk, and I was no larger than the head of a pin, standing in a shaft of light. I then saw Diane, my sister-in-law who had died of cancer 2 years before.  She was leaning over God’s shoulder and said, “Not Now Lord, For She Has Many Things To Do”!   At that instant I woke up.  It was the most horrendous thing that had ever happened to me.  My grandson and I both see Angels and I was given this gift to help others in a positive and loving way.

Though the Angels, the messengers of The Supreme Being, I now do Channeling for others.  What a wonderful gift I received.  Sometimes, the biggest horror in our life becomes our greatest Blessings in life.  Now I do Channeling for others to help them along their Spiritual life path.  I do phone channeling around the world.  I thank God for my many Blessings, for I love what I do!!

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