Seasons of Life

Mother earth is covered with a  blanket of snow.  Resting and reviving for the arrival of Spring, getting the nutrition she needs so that she can uncover the grass and flowers of spring.

We as humans should also take this time of hibernation to revive our bodies, minds and Spirit.  By eating, exercising, meditation and getting in touch with your Spiritual self, it helps renew you and also gets you ready for Spring.  For Life!  Remember to ask your Angels to step in and help guide you while you, like Mother Nature, revive yourself .

During our lives we go through many seasons of life.  Some of us move forward in this life exploring the unknown possibilities with joy; while others stay stuck in their own little world, afraid to move forward.  Fear is the greatest unknown detour that we as humans take.

We judge others while those we are judging also judge us.  What a vicious life you create.  When we let go of the judgments we then start gaining strength, we then start to connect to ourselves and learn from the Angels; how to fly and live life with joy.  Enjoy the changing of the Seasons, they help us grow stronger.

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