Foggy Day

Today is a mystical day, when the fog lays low covering mother earth. Giving you the feeling that you are walking in the clouds. What a wondrous sight the fog is. Covering all that is seen and unseen.

When I was out this morning feeding horses in the pasture, the quietness of the day lay heavy when I saw eight deer, waiting and watching me quietly.  They were waiting for me to leave so they could come in with the horses to be fed.  What a wonderful sight to behold, standing in the foggy mist of the morning. Enjoy the love and the feeling of walking on silent air.  For Heaven surrounds us.

Spirits walk and talk in the morning mist, telling us about the things of the past and the way of the future.  That all is well for you today and the blessings are great, when you take the time to stop and listen to the voices in the wind.

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