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If You Weren’t Who You Are

Did you ever think about what would happen if you were not who you are?  If you weren’t who you are, there would be so many people out there that would not only miss the opportunity to know you but also they would miss out on learning and loving from you.

That is why we are called individuals! We’re not all supposed to look alike or act alike.  If we did, how would we ever learn?  How would we survive this life?  We would all have one mind, looking exactly alike; How boring that would be.  Nothing ever changing, not your looks or your minds, everyone looking, acting and being the same all the time.

We all want certain things in life.  We all strive for a purpose of some kind. We either want to feel better, look different then we do, learn more and of course have more money.  Well, lighten up on yourself and go with the flow and see where life takes you.  You may be surprised, and not want to change a thing.

By learning how to remove the obstacles in your life, through the Angels, you really can sore with the Eagles, with one foot on the ground:  Enjoying all the Wonders life has to offer.

My Story of Channeling Through the Angels

I do channeling through the Angels and my guides.  Here’s my story…

I was traveling through life, doing what most people do.  Filling my days, unaware of  things that were going on around me.  I was intuitive to a degree, but managed to block out most of my gifts.

On April 19, 2003, my grandson and I were in a tornado that destroyed everything around us, picking us up and throwing us out about 70 feet.  Now, here comes the interesting part.  I had a near death experience and stood before the Supreme being, or better known as God.

God, was behind this huge Sandstone desk, and I was no larger than the head of a pin, standing in a shaft of light. I then saw Diane, my sister-in-law who had died of cancer 2 years before.  She was leaning over God’s shoulder and said, “Not Now Lord, For She Has Many Things To Do”!   At that instant I woke up.  It was the most horrendous thing that had ever happened to me.  My grandson and I both see Angels and I was given this gift to help others in a positive and loving way.

Though the Angels, the messengers of The Supreme Being, I now do Channeling for others.  What a wonderful gift I received.  Sometimes, the biggest horror in our life becomes our greatest Blessings in life.  Now I do Channeling for others to help them along their Spiritual life path.  I do phone channeling around the world.  I thank God for my many Blessings, for I love what I do!!

Seasons of Life

Mother earth is covered with a  blanket of snow.  Resting and reviving for the arrival of Spring, getting the nutrition she needs so that she can uncover the grass and flowers of spring.

We as humans should also take this time of hibernation to revive our bodies, minds and Spirit.  By eating, exercising, meditation and getting in touch with your Spiritual self, it helps renew you and also gets you ready for Spring.  For Life!  Remember to ask your Angels to step in and help guide you while you, like Mother Nature, revive yourself .

During our lives we go through many seasons of life.  Some of us move forward in this life exploring the unknown possibilities with joy; while others stay stuck in their own little world, afraid to move forward.  Fear is the greatest unknown detour that we as humans take.

We judge others while those we are judging also judge us.  What a vicious life you create.  When we let go of the judgments we then start gaining strength, we then start to connect to ourselves and learn from the Angels; how to fly and live life with joy.  Enjoy the changing of the Seasons, they help us grow stronger.

Foggy Day

Today is a mystical day, when the fog lays low covering mother earth. Giving you the feeling that you are walking in the clouds. What a wondrous sight the fog is. Covering all that is seen and unseen.

When I was out this morning feeding horses in the pasture, the quietness of the day lay heavy when I saw eight deer, waiting and watching me quietly.  They were waiting for me to leave so they could come in with the horses to be fed.  What a wonderful sight to behold, standing in the foggy mist of the morning. Enjoy the love and the feeling of walking on silent air.  For Heaven surrounds us.

Spirits walk and talk in the morning mist, telling us about the things of the past and the way of the future.  That all is well for you today and the blessings are great, when you take the time to stop and listen to the voices in the wind.

The Way of Learning

We have all been programmed since birth on how and what we learn.  From whom we learn, what we know and who we become, are all learned. Today, learning is more limited than it has ever been.  You are asking why?  You are also thinking that with all the technology in the world, we have the advantage to learn more. Well, you are wrong.

How we learn is from others and their knowledge. While looking and exploring what we have been taught, we overlook the most important learning; the inner teaching from ourselves.  Who you truly are and what your true destiny is.

Most people do what is expected of them or go completely opposite, they rebel.  When you don’t even know who you are, you only know who others say you are.  But who are you? Just how much do you truly know about yourself?

Now, everyone we meet, teaches us something.  How we react are our choice. I always say learn the lesson and receive the gift. What we learn from others is so limited, because no one knows all there is to know about anything.  So you keep on searching.

Have you ever thought that you can learn so much more simply by listening to the universe and watching the Sun rise, or the Stars at night.  By watching the Animals of the forest, the clouds in the sky.  By reading the charted courses of your mind!  These are things that technology cannot teach you.  The teaching of the Universe, and the Heavens above.  Let Mother Earth help show you how to walk in peace,  feeling the life force energy that surrounds you.  Now, your ready to learn the lessons no one has every taught you. Now, you are truly learning what life has in store for you.  Not the  journey you’ve been taught, but the journey of enlightenment.  A wonderful study of who you truly are.  Showing you what a powerful person you really are.  Letting you go with the flow.  Healing your mind, body and spirit. Tearing away the fear of exploring yourself.

Now, a very important thing to learn is how to connect to the Angels!  The Messengers!   The supreme teachers of life. They know all and they can answer all. They truly are here to help you.  So , welcome to a new and wonderful way of learning all life has to offer.  Traveling back to the basics of learning.

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