Living and Knowing

I believe in the strength of the unknown.  I believe in Angels, in a Supreme being that watches over all of us.  That cares and loves for each and everyone of
us, allowing us the freedom of choice.  I do not fear the unknown, I look forward to the new and exciting adventures this life provides us. When Angels speak, listen! For they may come on the whispers in the night, or in the whispers in the wind. Listen, and hear all that their is to know. All that there is here, learning from the greatest teachers of the Universe.

Walk this earth softly, letting your foot steps fall gently upon this beautiful earth.  Feeling the energy, taking in the beauty that surrounds you and rejuvenate you.  It will empower you.

Quiet your mind and let yourself just be. You will heal, relaxing into yourself, while you enjoy the healing properties of this earth and universe. Most of all let the experience lift you higher, letting you feel lighter then a feather.  Letting you feel life at its best.  This is called living in the moment. Then you will know.

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