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Living and Knowing

I believe in the strength of the unknown.  I believe in Angels, in a Supreme being that watches over all of us.  That cares and loves for each and everyone of
us, allowing us the freedom of choice.  I do not fear the unknown, I look forward to the new and exciting adventures this life provides us. When Angels speak, listen! For they may come on the whispers in the night, or in the whispers in the wind. Listen, and hear all that their is to know. All that there is here, learning from the greatest teachers of the Universe.

Walk this earth softly, letting your foot steps fall gently upon this beautiful earth.  Feeling the energy, taking in the beauty that surrounds you and rejuvenate you.  It will empower you.

Quiet your mind and let yourself just be. You will heal, relaxing into yourself, while you enjoy the healing properties of this earth and universe. Most of all let the experience lift you higher, letting you feel lighter then a feather.  Letting you feel life at its best.  This is called living in the moment. Then you will know.

The Night to Start Listening

In the darkness of the night, our bodies rest, rejuvenate.  But we awaken restless and unsure.  It’s a quiet night, when the stars shining so brightly in the night sky, it is a time when Spirits walk and talk.  All who are listening can hear the whispers in the wind.  When God and the Angels speak messages, we need them to help guide us through this life.  They solve our problems, answer our questions, fulfill our dreams!  It’s a time to believe that anything, and all things are possible.  When you find your Angels, you will not only find your best friends, you will also find peace, joy and love in your life.  A calming force.

Believe that all things are possible!  Believe in all things, even the unknown!  Open new doors in your life with joy.  I do channeling through the Angels, I believe they always deliver a positive message for your life journey to those I channel for!  Call me and we’ll help you make your life’s journey complete.

An Exceptional Man

I have known many wonderful people in my life.  However, there was one that touched so many hearts, opened so many doors for others.  Douglas D Brown, born August 7, 1942, died November 8, 2010.  He was my brother, my friend, an ordinary man who enjoyed life .  He had stage 4  cancer which ate away his body, but never his courage or his mind.  He spent his life learning and studying all he could, about anything and everything he could find. He opened his mind to new and unknown possibilities.  He took care of wildlife management but enjoyed most the animals and birds in his own back yard.  He hiked mountains all over the world, skied, bicycled, and enjoyed all nature had to offer!  He was a free Spirit, yet so different from me.

After his passing, the Angels brought him in to see me and he gave me this wonderful message;  He was also in the care of my father who passed in Nov ember2007.  I listened to the quiet as he spoke!  He was walking; going uphill with no place to go except home, to those he loved .  He asked that we
look after his wife, when all have gone. To let her be a part of our lives,  he will live on through her. To dedicate my life to continue helping others who
come to me.  He now understands and everything is so clear. He loves us all.

I must now tell you, that from what I have personally experienced in life, you never die.  Your physical form is left behind, but when the Angels
come, you only change clothes, and go home.  You will live in a different form, in a different way.  You will be able to come between worlds, Heaven and Earth. Really, there is no difference you see, as Earth is an extension of Heaven.  So I say good bye to my brother, my friend, to Doug’s life in the human form, and look forward to seeing and hearing more of him in a Spiritual way!

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