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Rebecca's Angel Shoppe

Rebecca offers many ways to help you on your path in life, from Angelic Channeling to Past Life Regression and more.

Keep checking back for more items in Rebecca's Angel Shoppe coming soon!

And the Angels Speak (NEW) (Personally Autographed)

And the Angels Speak is about the journey and truth in spiritual reality.  This book is designed to help others like you find your divine mission, spiritual opening and to let you know you are here for a higher purpose.

This updated and revised edition of Rebecca J. Steiger's first book will help you get in touch with your higher spiritual self in a positive and enlightening manner, proving that miracles do happen everyday.

Autographed and personally shipped to you by the author.

Price: $12.99 ships direct from the author



Angelic Channeling

Questions about Love, Money, Family or Health? Rebecca can help you!

Some call Rebecca a Psychic, others call her a Medium or Remote Viewer, but she is simply an Angelic Channeler.  Rebecca has the God given gifts to see the whole of things and works through the Angelic Realm.

Rebecca connects with your Angels, answering your questions and allowing you to clear your path and heal your life in a positive and loving way. 

Rebecca will give you the answers you seek in a positive and loving way, and possibly answers to questions you may not have thought of or were afraid to ask.  She will put you in touch with your Angels.  How you may ask?  The answer is simple.  Your primary angels help Rebecca help you.

Scheduling an Appointment:

  1. Make your purchase below using any major credit card.
  2. Email Rebecca or call Rebecca at 607-862-6435 to schedule an appointment.
  3. Normal availability is from 9:00 am - 12 midnight ET, 7 days per week.
  4. Emergency Sessions may be available outside of the normal times.  Additional fees may apply if Rebecca must reschedule other appointments for an Emergency Session.
  5. Please remember, Rebecca is extremely busy with her work and all appointments are subjust to Rebecca's availability.  While Rebecca may be available for a session immediately upon your call, it could take up to 24 to 36 hours.

All sessions are conducted via telephone or Skype.

Angelic Channeling

Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards

Rebecca can also use these cards to answer questions you may have using her gifted abilities.

These cards are inspired by the sacred Inipi, and ancient Lakota sweat lodge ceremony of healing and purification.

Be forewarned, you may experience an intimate sense of walking and balancing between the conscious world and the world of spirit.

Lakota Sweat Lodge Card Reading

Past Life Regression

A life from the past can affect how your life is now.

Did you know others around you in this life during a previous life?  Rebecca will tell you who you were, where you were and more.

Rebecca will open the Akashia Books and will take you back to previous lives, to help propel you forward in this life.

Past Life Regression

Finding Your Angels

Finding your guarding Angels is a personal experience. They have the answers and solutions too all your unanswered questions.  They are the messengers of God.  They are problem solvers.

Allowing Rebecca to help you find your Angels will fulfill a void in your life and give you answers and guidance you can use in your everyday life.

Finding Your Angels

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Crossing Over

Do you have a friend of loved one who has crossed over and you need closure?

Do you feel someone has a message for you from the other side?

Rebecca can help you connect to your loved ones in a postitive and loving manner.

Crossing Over