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Rebecca's Books

Rebecca is a twice published author of And The Angels Spoke and From Ashes To Angel Light, with a third book set to be published sometime in 2013.

And the Angels Speak (NEW) (Personally Autographed)

ISBN-13: 978-1452582160

And the Angels Speak is about the journey and truth in spiritual reality.  This book is designed to help others like you find your divine mission, spiritual opening and to let you know you are here for a higher purpose.

This updated and revised edition of Rebecca J. Steiger's first book will help you get in touch with your higher spiritual self in a positive and enlightening manner, proving that miracles do happen everyday.

Autographed and personally shipped to you by the author.

Price: $12.99 ships direct from the author

And The Angels Spoke

ISBN-13: 978-0972008082

What if you went through life seeing through the eyes of the Angels, letting them show you the light side of everything, helping you with all things? What if you found out that there really is another world, but not of this one, where life is known for what it is?

And The Angles Spoke was written to help others like you find your Devine Mission & Spiritual Awakening, allowing you to understand you are here for a Higher Purpose.

This book will help you get in touch with your Higher Spiritual Self, in a Positive and Enlightening manner. Proving that Miracles do happen every day.

Price: $12.95     Click To Order from Amazon

From Ashes To Angel Light

ISBN-13: 978-1882918003

From Ashes to Angel Light is about death of the old ways! Resurrection of a new and better life. Allowing you, to go inside your own mind, finding, Love, Joy, Peace, and Tranquility. A book filled with Acceptance, Understanding, and Healing through Spirit and the Angels. Guiding you to a new and exciting life.

This book will guide you through opening your mind to an Angelic realm of possibilities, leaving your safe little world of darkness and entering a world of conscious thought.  Through the healing of your mind, you will shine and prosper, spiritually and physically. By healing yourself, you will heal those around you by being a beacon of light, letting go of your stress and worries.  

Price: $17.95     Click To Order from Amazon